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17th April 2022

Bob's Recovery With Exercise And A Community That Cares

Bob stroke boxing

On the one-year anniversary since Bob took charge of his stroke recovery, he shares how his quality of life has improved with support from the team at Brain x Body Fitness Studio (BBFS).

It was March 2021 when Bob first came to BBFS with the aim to take charge of his future post-stroke.

Bob is recovering from an ischemic stroke he suffered in 2019, which left him with long-term impacts of reduced control and balance, weakness on his left side, and mobilising with the use of a foot brace and four-wheel walker.

Bob learnt about BBFS during an Occupational Therapy session at THRFG – Stroke and was the team to further build on his strength and balance.

Now, exercise has become part of Bob’s daily routine and he visits the studio twice a week with his support worker.

“I know how important it is to continue to exercise regularly to maintain my strength and balance,” he says.

Bob’s individualised program was developed during an assessment with Exercise Physiologists at the studio, focusing on improving his overall strength and particularly his balance. He explains that the program “helps me feel stronger and more capable on my feet when doing everyday tasks”.

Bob remarks that he much prefers attending the purpose-built studio over other gyms and fitness centres, as the studio is good for both this physical and mental health.

“It’s an opportunity to socialise with other members, meet new people and it gives structure and routine to my week.”

As he reminisces about his life post-stroke, Bob wants to provide advice to other stroke survivors. He says it can be easy to avoid social settings after your stroke, but he encourages everyone to get out into the community as much as possible.

“When I can pair exercise and socialisation in the same session – it’s a win, win.”

The results are visable

Bob had his initial measures in March 2021 and was re-tested in September 2021 with the following improvements:

  • 30 second sit to stand – 10 repetitions increased to 12
  • Hamstring flexibility – right hamstring improved by 6cm, and his left by 11cm
  • Self-perceived health – Bob went from 66% to 90% in how he viewed his health on a scale from 1 to 100.