About US

The Hospital Research Foundation Group – Stroke (formerly Stroke SA) is passionate and committed to helping people affected by stroke. How do we do this? We:

1. Provide increased support, information and services to people who have had a stroke and their carers.

2. Connect people with support groups, rehabilitation centres, hospitals and other organisations focused on stroke.

3. Promote and facilitate vital medical research and education about stroke.

4. Raise awareness about the needs of people who have had a stroke.

5. Facilitate vital support from the community through donations, bequests and other fundraising activities.

As at March 1 2021, Stroke SA joined The Hospital Research Foundation Group (THRFG) and since then, and THRF Group – Stroke has been created as an arm of THRFG. The exciting charity merger will improve the provision of support and wellbeing services and increase vital research.

THRFG has a long history in supporting stroke research and the sharing of resources as part of the Group will maximise efficiencies to help improve the quality of life for South Australians who have had a stroke and their families. Learn more about THRF Group here: www.hospitalresearch.com.au

WE endeavour to:

  • Have support groups in all areas.
  • Assist carers of those who have had a stroke.
  • Promote appropriate services for the treatment and rehabilitation for those who have had a stroke.
  • Increase public awareness of stroke.
  • Increase the amount of literature to cover all problems after stroke.

Volunteer staff are involved with:

  • Telephone contacts and individual support work.
  • Guest speaking to groups or at functions.
  • Distribution of information on stroke which includes articles, books, quarterly newsletter, videos, audio tapes etc.
  • Organisation of awareness / educational events e.g. Stroke awareness week.
  • Liaison with and support of stroke support groups.
  • Messages will be followed up by volunteers.

Advisory Board

Anne Hamilton-Bruce

Anne is a Principal Medical Scientist, Director of the Stroke Research Programme and Co-Lead, Research and Education, Neurology, Central Adelaide Local Health Network. She is an affiliate Associate Professor at the Adelaide Medical School, University of Adelaide and a Principal Research Fellow and Stroke Research Programme Group Leader at the South Australian Medical Research Institute.

With a neuroscience, management and legal studies background, Anne undertakes and supervises stroke-related research, focusing on translational research. Anne has been a member of the Stroke SA Board of Governors since 2010 and has served as the Chair since 2015.

Simon Lane

Simon has a background in law and mediation and while now retired, he continues to provide honorary mentoring on behalf of the Business Council of Cooperatives and Mutuals. Simon has been on the Stroke SA Board of Governors since 2014 and has served as the Deputy Chair since 2014.

Karyn Kennedy

Karyn spent the first 12 years of her career working as a nurse followed by 16 years as a financial planner and business owner. Now, she volunteers on the stroke ward at Flinders Medical Centre and conducts a monthly speaking engagement to new stroke survivors and their carers at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital on behalf of Stroke SA.

Karyn has been a member of the Adelaide Hills Kiwanis club since 2011,serving as President for three years and has been a member of the Stroke SA Board of Governors since 2019 and is the official guest speaker.

Christine Schutz

Christine is a registered nurse currently employed as Nurse Educator at Torrens University with vast experience in medical research, clinical trial coordination and as a nurse educator both locally and overseas.

Christine is a Board Member of the Calvary Wakefield Ethics Committee and has been on the Stroke SA Board of governors since 2016.

Viv Wilson

In 2013 Viv survived a moderate Idiopathic Ischaemic Stroke, leaving her unable to walk or talk. She is now a committed volunteer at Flinders Medical Centre and is the coordinator for their Stroke Survivors Group.

Viv joined the Stroke SA Board of Governors in 2018.

Janet Evans

Currently employed in SA Health in the acute sector: Social Work and Counselling. Having previously worked in the sub acute health and primary health care settings I would be well placed to advocate and promote SSA to this community. Janet joined the Stroke SA Board of Governors in 2021.

Maria Crotty

Maria is the Professor of Rehabilitation, Aged and Extended Care at Flinders University. She has worked as a rehabilitation physician in the hospitals in the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network for more than 20 years. Maria joined the Stroke SA Board of Governors in 2021.

Paul Bovington

Paul suffered a stroke in 2018 and has been volunteering with Stroke SA since 2020 using his extensive experience in IT to assist with projects. My name is Paul Bovington and I suffered a stroke in 2018.  I got involved with stroke SA in 2020 in a volunteering capacity assisting with a number of IT projects before joining the Stroke SA board later that year. My vision is to provide support and services specific to the needs of the stroke survivor.

Saran Chamberlain

Saran currently works as a Project Coordinator in the Stroke Foundation’s Young Stroke Project, and holds positions on the Consumer Council for Stroke Foundation and the Stroke Community of Practice in South Australia. Through her own experience, Saran knows the journey after stroke can be long and isolating for young stroke survivors. She continues to strive for increased awareness of young stroke, to ensure young stroke survivors are connected and have the support and services they need to make their journey that little bit easier.

Saran joined the Stroke SA Board of Governors in 2021.

Stacey George

Stacey is a Clinical Academic and Senior Occupational Therapist working across SA Health enabling collaboration across health sites and all three universities in South Australia in order to improve the care received by stroke sufferers. She has worked in stroke rehabilitation for 30 years in acute, inpatient and community, public and private settings and has led multidisciplinary teams in clinical and research settings.

Stacey is on Stroke Foundations Living Guidelines Clinical Advisory Group and joined the Stroke SA Board of Governors in 2021.

Volunteer WITH US:

We welcome volunteers to assist THRFG Stroke in many varying roles including:

  • Support Group Facilitators – We are looking for people in all areas in metro and regional South Australia, who can help create and continue facilitating groups ongoing. These groups provide social support, recreational support and education and information sharing for people who have had strokes and their carers.
  • Peer Support Volunteers – those who provide social support by visiting or speaking to people who have had strokes and their carers.
  • Stroke Speakers Group – people with an interest in the stroke journey speaking to community groups .
  • Office Volunteers – providing general admin and office support including meeting and greeting of clients, seminar/recreational group set up and other office-based housekeeping support at head office

THRFG Stroke volunteers provide an important support role at THRFG Stroke. They donate their time to support Stroke survivors and in doing so provide additional resources THRFG Stroke would be unable to offer without their assistance.

Volunteers can work with us as little as once a year or as much as they would like. We work closely with our volunteers to ensure both they and our clients have a sense of purpose and fulfilment during their time together.

We encourage people from all walks of life to volunteer at THRFG Stroke. If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, please contact Simone on (08) 8357 8909 to discuss suitable roles and your volunteer capacity.

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