About Stroke SA

We are a Not-For-Profit South Australian organisation that:

1. Provides support, information and assistance to people who have had a stroke and their carers.

2. Raises awareness about the needs of people who have had a stroke.

3. Has connections with support groups, rehab centres, hospitals and other organisations with a focus on stroke.

4. Promotes and facilitates research and education about stroke.

5. Gets funding support from donations, bequests, grants and fundraising.

Stroke SA endeavours to:

  • Have support groups in all areas.
  • Assist carers of those who have had a stroke.
  • Promote appropriate services for the treatment and rehabilitation for those who have had a stroke.
  • Increase public awareness of stroke.
  • Increase the amount of literature to cover all problems after stroke.

Volunteer staff are involved with:

  • Telephone contacts and individual support work.
  • Guest speaking to groups or at functions.
  • Distribution of information on stroke which includes articles, books, quarterly newsletter, videos, audio tapes etc.
  • Organisation of awareness / educational events e.g. Stroke awareness week.
  • Liaison with and support of stroke support groups.

Messages will be followed up by volunteers.

Stroke SA membership

Stroke SA is a not-for-profit organisation that is run by volunteers. Funds are generated from general donations, memoriam donations, bequests, and membership subscriptions.

Membership is $15 Inc GST per year.

Stroke SA Membership includes:

1. Linking to metropolitan and regional support groups for peer support, socialising, activities and information sharing. 

2. Assisting you and your carer/family to meet others with similar experiences and hear about inspiring stories. 

3. Ongoing contact with a Stroke SA representative. 

4. An opportunity to volunteer in the office or on the Stroke SA Management Committee or in a range of other roles where volunteers are needed. 

5. Free information on stroke. 

6. Research updates and clinical trial information. 

7. A biannual newsletter and access to our resources, information kit and books from our small library. 

8. Advocacy to represent people who have had a stroke and their carers/families. 

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You can help us by Volunteering:

1. To coordinate support groups that provide peer support, socialising, activities and information sharing for people who have had strokes and their carers. 

2. To provide social support by visiting or speaking to people who have had strokes and their carers while they are in hospital, rehabilitation, an aged care facility or at home. 

3. To speak to community groups that have an interest in the stroke journey. 

4. To be on the Management Committee or one of our Sub-committees to manage Stroke SA or help in the office.

5. To be an intern undertaking a university course placement, e.g., research for the newsletter and marketing, and updating the database, or a student volunteering to help at Stroke SA stands at events and expos. 

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