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Your gift has DOUBLE the impact when you donate this Giving Day!

One Australian will have a stroke every 19 minutes and one in four people globally will have a stroke in their lifetime - we can all agree that these numbers are too high. Stroke is still one of Australia’s biggest killers. It kills more women than breast cancer and more men than prostate cancer. When a stroke strikes, it attacks up to 1.9 million brain cells per minute.

By donating a generous gift this Giving Day, you will have a personal hand in ensuring we stop the heartbreak of stroke and save Aussie lives through world-class research and patient care.

Double your donation by giving on or before June 6!

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Susan Kinnane
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Thank you for the amazing work you all do.

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Gerald Jones
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Together, we can accomplish anything!

Join us on 6 June for our biggest-ever Giving Day and double your impact in the fight to save lives! 

Thanks to a group of generous donors who have contributed to our Giving Day gift-match fund, your donation will be doubled when you give today, enabling you to make an even bigger difference. 

These donors share our passion for the new projects that we are working on, and they want to encourage others like you to give by matching your donation!  

Remember, all donations received on or before 6 June will be DOUBLED. Will you please give a kind gift today?  

Donate now and double my impact!

We're fighting for our loved ones affected by stroke

As you may have personally experienced, a stroke at any stage of life is a huge shock. From experiencing a stroke at just 23 brought on by arteriovenous malformation like Sam, to suffering a stroke at home alone whilst her husband was receiving treatment for Stage 4 lung cancer like Marilyn, or empowering fellow stroke survivors through a monthly support group like Paul – these stories give us strength and courage to fight back.

But there is hope … Together, we can fight back against stroke through your deep compassion and generosity. Will you make a donation today and join the fight for our community by supporting world-class research and patient care? Your donation will be DOUBLED if you give on or before our Giving Day on 6 June! 

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Fight for life-changing research

Together, with you in our corner, we can support life-changing research and patient care!  

  • Associate Professor Anne Hamilton-Bruce is supercharging research into improving the mood and wellbeing of people recovering from stroke through the DogSS project (Dogs Offering Support after Stroke) program.
  • Your donations will empower South Australians and their families affected by stroke through their recovery journey with valuable support groups led by stroke survivors.

Let’s make a powerful difference this Giving Day and give our loved ones affected by stroke the best chance to live their healthiest lives.

Stroke Giving Day

It's up to us to fight back!

It’s because of people like you that our loved ones affected by stroke are supported to live their best lives through ground-breaking research that brings us one step closer to a future free from disease and illness.  

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Your Giving Day donations will be matched! Donations made on or before June 6th 2024, at 9 PM ACST are eligible for matching up to the total matching fund amount (to be announced on June 6th 2024, at 9 AM ACST). Matching stops at 9 PM ACST or if the fund is exhausted prior. Any matching pledges unfulfilled before June 6th 2024, at 9 AM ACST, will not be included in the matching fund total.