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Partner With Us

By partnering with us, your business can have an impact on the health and wellbeing of people recovering from stroke and their families.

Retired woman with her wooden walking stick at home. Happy senior woman relaxing at home holding cane and looking at camera. Smiling grandmother sitting on couch.

We are stronger together!

Together with our valued partners, we deliver a range of innovative and vital programs that directly benefit patients and their families accessing stroke services throughout South Australia. Partnering with us also helps you:

  • Enhance your reputation and public appeal through awareness of your social responsibility efforts
  • Build your team culture by giving your staff a greater sense of purpose and pride in their community impact
  • Discover new business opportunities by opening yourself up to a new network of stakeholder relationships and partners.
Yes, I want to become a partner!
Peer support

There are many ways you can partner with us.

We are always looking to partner with corporate organisations, whether they are a large multi-national or a small business. We will be delighted to meet with you and discuss how we can tailor a partnership to meet your corporate social responsibility goals.  There are a number of ways that you can support us:

Be a Proud Sponsor

Sponsor a program or purchase a vital piece of equipment.

Hold a Corporate Fundraiser

Bring your team together to fundraise for our friends and family who need palliative care.

Become a Gift-Matcher

Donate a sum of money to be used for gift-matching during one of our public appeals.

Give In-Kind Support

Donate a percentage of your sales to the research area that matters most to you.

Be a Workplace Giver

Set up your payroll giving so staff can easily and securely make a pre-tax donation every pay period, creating a great culture of giving.


Get your team involved in one of our many volunteer opportunities!