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Rehabilitation and Recovery

The amount of recovery following a stroke depends on the severity of the initial damage.

Professional physiotherapist working with senior patient in rehabilitation center

Many people with stroke are admitted to a hospital with an Acute Stroke Unit or Rehabilitation Unit, where they receive expert treatment and rehab involving the collaboration of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and social workers.

In South Australia, after your initial acute treatment, Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre is often the main site for general inpatient rehabilitation services for people recovering from stroke.

Rehabilitation is the process that brings about the highest level of recovery following a loss of function or ability. Rehab aims to maximise function and independence and is usually achieved through physical and non-physical therapy methods, and is planned carefully using medical, social, educational, recreational and vocational services.

The amount of rehabilitation and recovery following a stroke depends on the severity of the initial damage. Recovery to the brain is most rapid in the first three to six months after the stroke.

The recovery period, however, never ends as the possibility of further improvement is always there. The aim is to never stop striving and hoping for continued progress!

The Hospital Research Foundation Group – Stroke is here to help you with your recovery, particularly after you leave hospital. We offer occupational therapy, counselling and wellbeing coaching, personalised exercise programs, links to professionals, help with NDIS and My Aged Care, and so much more. We even help your family or primary support person!